About Us

pi-FRAME is a specialist software house originally established in 1994 and then incorporated in 1999 when it became jointly owned by its founder, Steve Robson, and the Manchester based long established firm of accountants, Hallidays. We bring together complementary skills in IT and real estate to produce bespoke solutions for the analysis and monitoring of property risk, particularly in connection with related debt finance.

We enjoy an excellent track record built on our sector experience and high levels of service and support. Our in-house detailed knowledge of property and the way it is funded assists in the design and ongoing development of our applications. Our software solutions have been designed and created by your industry sector peers.

We are a small company and pride ourselves on excellent service and support. Whether you are a bank, mezzanine fund, borrower or investor you will find our applications of immense value in your real estate business.

What We Do

We apply our internal knowledge of real estate, commercial finance and in depth Microsoft Developer skills to produce a suite of risk analysis and monitoring applications on the Microsoft Office platform.

The strong likelihood is that you and your colleagues use MS Office on a daily basis. pi-FRAME products will therefore have a very familiar feel. We couple MS Excel with MS Visual Basic coding and apply relevant business rules to facilitate rapid and easy understanding of real estate risk in the context of the investment cycle and any associated borrowing.

Individual deal analysis using MS Excel (whether that be development or investment on residential or commercial assets) can be consolidated through our SQL Server application and MS Access front end to allow comprehensive portfolio monitoring and performance reporting.

Our clients’ needs are paramount and we remain permanently engaged with users in a process of continual updating and enhancement. We are neither too big to care, nor too small to accommodate change requests. Our strong relationships with large banks and borrowers going back some 15 years is a demonstration of how well this partnering arrangement works.

Our design and programming team is supported by Hallidays LLP a 50% shareholder in pi-FRAME. On more than one occasion in the past a potential client has raised the issue of trusting a mission critical application to such a small business. In this regard, Hallidays offer that additional layer of comfort in terms of business continuity and support.

Our Clients

We are bound by confidentiality agreements and therefore not at liberty to list our clients here. However, we can tell you they include:

  • National and international banks, all of which use pi-FRAME in their UK real estate lending activities. Some use pi-FRAME in their European portfolio risk analysis.
  • Real estate mezzanine lending funds.
  • CMBS managers.
  • Equity fund managers.
  • Property company borrowers.
  • Property investors.

Common to all is the need to model property deal and / or portfolio financial risk with a particular focus on debt (both senior and junior) and investment performance.