pi-FRAME Financial

In the way pi-FRAME Appraiser brings together one or more investment properties in an Excel workbook with a view to analysing risk on one particular deal, pi-FRAME Financial facilitates portfolio risk monitoring and analysis by aggregating the lettings and tenant information from multiple Excel workbooks in a custom built SQL Server application.

Financial is capable of importing data from and exporting data to Appraiser. At system information level the workgroup manager can standardise settings to ensure the user group is literally on the same page when it comes to the common assumptions to be adopted in deal analysis.

Given all lettings information and assumptions are stored on a central server, the analysis of portfolio concentration risk by sector, geography or tenant, etc. is possible. Sensitivity of tenant default resulting from interest rate movements and potential covenant breaches across a portfolio is also built into the standard reporting menu.

In addition to risk analysis, the database provides a comprehensive diary management system which, when linked to MS Word and / or MS Outlook becomes a powerful and efficient means of portfolio management. For example, it is possible to automate a mailshot to the estate managers (internal or external) requesting the status of leases where there is a lapsed or pending review. Standard reports of this nature are varied, relevant and easy to use.

In addition to holding all lending and property information, the database stores full contact details for everyone connected with the business.  This contact information is accessed directly from the relevant page.  For example, if you have a question arising from browsing the property book to do with insurance then click on the phone icon to bring up the telephone number of the insurance broker or click on the mail icon to send an email.  You can also record professional appointment details and fees paid.