Pricing Policy

The majority of software houses tend to price their low volume specialist applications with significantly higher up-front installation fees which typically are met from the client’s capital budget and ongoing maintenance costs charged to a revenue budget. Subsequent upgrades and enhancements result in further capital expense.

At pi-FRAME, we adopt an alternative strategy of pricing the initial installation and ongoing maintenance within a quarterly rental. Future enhancements and upgrades might result in a rental increase but clients may choose to opt out of any upgrade. In consideration of this front end cost reduction, we request clients to commit to a minimum contract period.

Generally, we issue site specific licences to cover up to 10 users in a single workgroup. Additional users in the same workgroup and/or additional workgroups can be bolted on, as necessary.

Appraiser and Developer can be used independently of each other and Financial. Financial is the enterprise enhancement to Appraiser and designed to be used in conjunction therewith. Given these are not “mass market” products and used in different ways to different degrees by different users, fees are generally tailored to a client’s specific circumstances.

To discuss your specific needs further and for a no obligation quote, please submit your contact details and we will get in touch.